Fee Based Support
If you no longer qualify for Complimentary Support, but wish to speak to or email a Graphx technical representative, you can do so on a pay-as-you-go basis for only $95 per hour. A credit card is required for Fee Based Support. You can purchase a Support Incident Ticket here. If the problem you have is caused by a software defect, we will refund the Support Incident Ticket fee.

Moving Photogize Lab or RasterPlus
If you wish to move Photogize Lab or RasterPlus to a new computer, you can do it yourself by following these directions. Or we can do it for you for $95 per hour.

Support Plus
SupportPlus is the most cost effective way to receive email and voice support on all Graphx products. If you purchase SupportPlus with a new product, extended support begins AFTER your initial ninety days of complimentary support ends. SupportPlus is only $395 for a block of 8 support hours. You save 50% vs paying $95 each for individual support hour. You can purchase SupportPlus here

Remote Diagnostics
Before clicking on Remote Diagnostics, please be sure to first make telephone contact with a Graphx Technical Support Representative

Contact Information
Technical representatives are available from 9AM to 5PM EST at 781.932.0430 x222

Support Options
Graphx has a number of resources to help make Photogize work best for you.

Photogize HelpDesk
Click here to submit a support issue or track an existing support issue.

Photogize Technical Guides
Click Help in the Photogize Lab menu to view the Lab Reference guide or the Getting Started Guide. The Photogize Kiosk manual can be accessed here.

Automatic Updates
Photogize Lab and RasterPlus have an automatic update feature that will check for new versions and automatically download and install the update over the web. Automatic Updates are free as long as you have the current major software release (e.g. 6.0 to 6.1 is free, 5.0 to 6.1 is not free). Please review the Lab and RasterPlus documentation for more information.

Knowledge Base
Please review the information in our Knowledge Base for answers to commonly asked questions, workarounds, and general usage information. Access to the Knowledge Base is free and unlimited.

Complimentary Support
Graphx will provide free telephone and email support for 90 days for new products and 30 days for paid upgrades. The support period begins when you unlock your software.

Photogize customers who have a current maintenance plan are also entitled to complimentary support.

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