Photogize is the most complete end-to-end solution for digital photo finishers. Component highlights:

PhotoCentral is a privately-branded, feature-rich VESPA (view, edit, share, print, archive) online photo site. With PhotoCentral, consumers can upload photos to an online album, create slideshows with music, share albums with friends and family, search personal and shared albums for specific photo tags, place print orders, and securely store photos for an indefinite period of time. PhotoCentral offers the same online experience for IE, Firefox, and Safari users.

Photogize Events
Professional photograpers use a Photogize-branded version of EPX Express by eventpix® to publish online events. Print orders from these events get directly fulfilled by a Photogize retailer using the Photogize Events Channel.

PrintWizard is a Windows desktop application for quickly placing photo print orders with Photogize retailers. Among the benefits of PrintWizard: smart sampling for optimal upload times, optional sharing to PhotoCentral, and optional installation of Preclick, a free Windows album organizer.

Photogize EventsPro is an online event and portrait commerce service for photographers and retailers.

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iPhoto plug-in for PhotoCentral
PhotoCentral members can download a plug-in for Apple iPhoto that lets them export iPhoto albums to an online PhotoCentral album. The plug-in also lets users add photo tags to their uploaded photos.

Picasa PhotoCentral plugin
Users of Google® Picasa can select PhotoCentral as their printing, sharing and storing destination.

Photogize Lab
Retailers use Photogize Lab to publish business rules, download online orders and print them. Photogize Lab features a complete set of prejudge tools, optional WorkForce plug-in for image optimization, and optional RasterPlus print manager for sending jobs directly to a digital minilab.

Photogize Kiosk
Photogize Kiosk is a full featured, skinable kiosk system that can be delivered as a free-standing device or as software-only. Photogize Kiosk features Internet, LAN, USB key, and local printer workflow options.

Photogize Producer
Producer is a revolutionary new photo CD/DVD fulfillment system that integrates tightly with Photogize Lab, Kiosk and PhotoCentral. Producer lets you take advantage of the rapidly expanding CD/DVD market with low up-front costs and minimal floor space.

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