Photogize®Lab is the cornerstone of the Photogize system. Lab lets you define and publish your print products and services, create a branded web presence, and harvest and print submitted print orders.

Define and Publish Products, Business Rules and Branding
Lab lets you define Products (e.g. 4x6 glossy print) and connect them to the appropriate device/media combination in RasterPlus (e.g. Fuji Frontier/4x6). You also set single unit and/or quantity pricing for each product.

You can define accepted credit card types, shipping methods and costs, pickup locations, and other business rules in Lab.

There are several predefined areas in your customized web store that display the branding images that you specify in Lab. You can also assign a link to the image so that when a customer clicks on the image, they are sent to the link you specify.

Burn CDs with Variable Data
Lab lets you offer CDs on your web site and XConnect devices at the price you specify. Lab can burn these CDs using virtually any CDRW drive. You can automatically burn the original photos, sub-sampled photos, and any other data (applications, web pages, etc.) to the CD.

Set Email Notifications
You can setup a number of email triggers that will get fired on any number of Lab events (order harvested successfully, order printed successfully, etc.). These emails can be sent to the customer, the lab manager, or any valid email address).

Connect to Kiosks and Other 3rd party Systems Using XConnect
Graphx has defined a simple, XML-based API called XConnect that lets third-party vendors send print orders to Lab. XConnect is a two-way API, so connected devices can not only submit orders, but can read and use Lab-published products, pricing, business rules and branding.

Export Order Data to Excel Files
You can export the order data in Lab to an Excel spreadsheet file or CSV file for analysis and tracking.

Preview and Print invoices
Lab lets you print a branded invoice that you can give to the customer and/or keep for internal tracking. You can even set Lab to automatically print the invoice on order harvest. If you have enabled Automatic Order Harvesting, all you need to look for is the stack of printed Invoices.

Print Photos and Index Prints
Just click a button to print all harvested orders along with an optional index print. You can also set Lab to automatically print harvested orders.

Archive orders to CD
You can archive aged orders to CD along with all attached photos. These archives can be imported into Lab at a later date.

Manage Multiple Channels
Lab can support an unlimited number of Channels. Each Channel has a unique set of products, pricing, business rules, and user interface. And you can easily copy the properties from one Channel to another.

Order Routing
You can install multiple copies of Photogize Lab at different locations and then define Harvest Rules which will route orders to one location or the other based on the customer-selected pickup location or shipping method. You can even define a rule for splitting orders to print some products at one location and some at another.

Color Accurate Prejudge
You can manipulate photos in Photogize Lab in a number of ways. You can zoom, crop, lighten, darken, and adjust colors. You can even remove red-eye and edit the photo in Adobe® Photoshop® with a single click.

And if you enable the Photogize Lab ICC CMM, you can do all this in a controlled, color accurate workflow.

Click here to see Photogize Lab's prejudge feature in action (Macromedia Flash 6 required).

Offer Special Promotions
Now you can design special promotions to be offered on your Channels. Promotion variables include: start and end date, percent or absolute value, and order or product oriented. You can even have Lab create a customized promotional print that gets inserted into each print order!

Easy Operator Mode
Photogize Lab has an, optional UI called Easy Operator Mode (EOM). EOM has a simplified, touch-screen-friendly user interface that hides all program and administration settings. You can control access in and out of EOM with an administrator-defined password.

EOM lets operators harvest orders, create new orders, print orders, and prejudge photos. The harvesting and printing in EOM can be automatic or manual. All Channels and XConnect clients feed a single list of Orders in EOM, thereby simplifying order workflow management.

Support for Online Credit Card Processing
Lab and select Photogize Channels now support real-time online credit card processing using an AUTHORIZE.NET gateway. Just define your LoginID and MerchantID in Lab and we will:

SMTP Mail Processing
Lab lets you optionally send Email notifications directly to a mail server using SMTP protocol. Direct SMTP mail is faster and more flexible than MAPI and does not require the installation of a mail client on the PC running Photogize Lab.
Expanded Tax Rule Definitions
You can define multiple tax rules in Lab. The new rules let you set different tax rules for different pickup or ship locations. Ship rules can be based on region/state/province, or zip code matching.
Auto Order Archiving
You can set Lab to automatically archive Orders to disk when they have aged beyond a user-configured time (e.g. one week). This new feature reduces screen clutter and streamlines the workflow.
Smarter Index Print Creation
In the past, if you had set an index print to be 4x6 glossy, and an Order contained only 4x6 matte prints, you might have to manually change the index print product or change paper in your minilab to print the Order and the index print. You can now instruct Lab to create index prints using the smallest product in the Order.


Unify Your Print Order Points
Information published by Lab is used by WebServices to construct a custom photo print order web store. XConnect-compatible devices, like Lucidiom® kiosks, also use this information to present their print order pages. When you change your products, prices or rules, the changes are immediately reflected on your web site and all XConnect devices.

One-click Order Harvesting
You can manually harvest orders from WebServices and XConnect devices by clicking a single button. You can also tell Lab to check for and automatically harvest orders at specified intervals (e.g. every 10 minutes, every hour, etc.).

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