Package Printing with RasterPlus
RasterPlus features digital package printing – the ability to make multiple digital reprints of an image on the same page. Regardless of the original image size, RasterPlus will automatically orient and resize an image to fill each frame on the page. The result is a photo package ready to cut into perfect 8x10, 5x7, 4x6 or wallet prints.

PackagePlus Raises the Bar!
PackagePlus lets you create customized photo packages to use with RasterPlus. Your creativity can run free with unlimited image frames, image overlays, customized cropping, colored borders and multiple page packages. You’ll save money, reduce waste and increase production by automatically printing multiple images at the same time.

Control Image Sizing Automatically
When RasterPlus prints photo packages, the images are automatically oriented, sized and cropped to fit each photographic frame on the page. The aspect ratio of the original file is always maintained, with cropping done (if needed) to the center of the image.

PackagePlus gives you control over the cropping intent used in each image frame on the page. By favoring the left, right, top, bottom or center, you can create prints that keep the information you want. This is critical for portrait work where image cropping should be done away from important subject matter.

Add Overlays
You can add value to your prints with PackagePlus by applying a logo or custom border in your package design. Overlays can be created in Photoshop and can include alpha channel information for transparent fades. The overlays are automatically sized and applied to each frame on the page at print time for true production efficiency. Now you can use the original images and let RasterPlus customize each print for you.

Create Custom Borders
PackagePlus also lets you create templates for standard page sizes that include borders. Both simple and sophisticated, like "sloppy borders", are supported

Native Fotoba Digitrim Support
Any digital printer using RasterPlus with PackagePlus can produce the positioning marks that the Fotoba Digitrim trimmer reads and uses to self-align and cut perfectly trimmed images.

The Digitrim is fully automatic, features a programmable double cut to remove cut mark indications between prints, and is accurate to .1 mm. It has a maximum cutting thickness of .5 mm and can process up to 3000 12" prints (from a 10" roll) or 1000 30" prints (from 20" x 30" sheets) per hour.

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The Page is Your Canvas
With PackagePlus, you can make any printer page into a photo package. Simply select a desired page for your canvas and draw image frames anywhere you want. The frames can be any size or orientation, and can overlap for interesting collage effects.

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