Terrific Business Model
PostUp is the most cost effective event posting system on the market. The PostUp software is licensed per seat. Event posting is free. There are no click fees or download fees. And the first 30 days of storage is free. If you would like to keep your event online longer, you can extend your event for only 5 cents per photo per year.

Shorter Order Download Times

PostUp copies your high-resolution originals to a folder on your network during posting. Because you already have the original file, order downloading is almost instantaneous. Photogize Lab automatically reads the contents of this folder and reconnects print orders with the high-resolution originals when making prints.

Simple Consumer Access
When a consumer clicks on the event link, they are taken immediately to the event – no need to log in or join. If you have assigned categories to the photos in your event, the event will be broken down into multiple albums.

Flexible Business Rules
You can purchase and use an unlimited number of PostUp accounts. Each account has a unique set of products, pricing, branding and business rules. You can purchase on account for in-house posting and one for each photographer that uses your lab.

Manage your PostUps anywhere
PostUp events can be reviewed, deleted, extended, and shared by the retailer using the web-based Photogize PostUp Manager.

Your very own PostUp portal

All of you PostUps are listed on your PostUp portal page. Now you can give out one link that all your customers can use to find and access their favorite event.

Photogize® PostUp™ is the best way to DISPLAY and SELL photos on the Internet. With PostUp, you can create password-protected, watermarked event websites for sharing, viewing and printing.

To PostUp your photos

  1. Launch the lightweight PostUp windows application.
  2. Select photos.
  3. View, sort, tag and optionally edit the photos with your favorite editor.
  4. Click Post.
  5. Give the PostUp a name, assign a photographer, and set an optional password and watermark
  6. Enter as many share emails as you like.
  7. Click Start.

PostUp will sample your photos and start posting immediately. Because the posting happens in the background, you can start working on your next event right away. Once the PostUp is complete, you will receive an email containing the consumer view link, the event extension link, and a list of the share recipients. A link to your very own My PostUps portal page and the PostUp web manager are also included in the email.

Super Fast
PostUp automatically resizes all image files, even the largest files, to about 50KB and posts ONLY the sampled image. This translates to super fast posting.

For example, let's say you have a studio shoot that contains 250 8MB photos. If you post full resolution images on a standard DSL line, it will take over 17 hours! With Photogize PostUp, all 250 photos will post in only 7 minutes!!

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