SureTrack is a new Windows application that can be installed on internet-connected PCs at the front counter, back in the lab, or on a laptop or PC at home.

SureTrack provides three essential benefits to Photogize retailers:

  1. It will be the "go-to" tool when a customer asks the question "Where's my order?". SureTrack lets you provide the answer quickly and reliably.
  2. SureTrack lets you update the print order status at the front counter. Now the Photogize email notifications will automatically dash a "Your Photos are Ready" email to your customer when an order IS "ready for pick-up"
  3. SureTrack can be used to finalize credit card processing of a completed order.

SureTrack also:

Sample Workflow:
A customer received an email from your lab saying that her prints were ready. She comes into your store on Main St. to pick them up. The employee at the counter cannot find the order in the pickup bin. The customer gives the printout of the order confirmation page to the counter employee.

Your employee scans the barcode on the confirmation page. SureTrack finds and highlights the order in the list. SureTrack tells the employee that the customer actually requested a pickup at the Elm St. store. The employee tells the customer that he will have the order delivered to the Main St. store and that she can pick it up tomorrow.


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